Psicothema, Vol. 34, No. 3

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Ronald K. Hambleton 1943-2022 In Memoriam

José Muñiz. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 345-352

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Anxiety and Depression Level in Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Ángel Rosa-Alcázar, Julio Sánchez-Meca, María Rubio-Aparicio, Cristina Bernal-Ruiz and Ana Isabel RosaAlcázar. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 353-364



Using Social Networking Sites During Lockdown: Risks and Benefits

Covadonga González-Nuevo, Marcelino Cuesta, Álvaro Postigo, Álvaro Menéndez-Aller, Jaime García-Fernández and Daria J. Kuss. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 365-374



Psychiatric Hospitalization for Attempted Suicide and Reattempt at the One-Year Follow-Up

Adriana Goñi-Sarriés, Nora Yárnoz-Goñi and José J. López-Goñi. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 375-382

A new Algorithm for Detecting Clinical High Risk of Psychosis in Adolescents

Mercedes Paíno, Ana María González-Menéndez, Óscar Vallina-Fernández and Mar Rus-Calafell. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 383-391

Mindfulness Component in a Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Group Intervention for Family Members of Borderline Personality Disorder Patients

Verónica Guillén, Heliodoro Marco, Sara Fonseca-Baeza, Irene Fernández, Mercedes Jorquera, Ausias Cebolla and Rosa Baños. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 392-401

Emotional Intelligence and Risk Behaviour: A Risk Domain-Dependent Relationship

María T. Sánchez-López, Pablo Fernández-Berrocal, Raquel Gómez-Leal and Alberto Megías-Robles. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 402-409

Influence of Alcohol Consumption, Personality and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on Traffic Offenders

Cristina Escamilla-Robla, M. Ángeles Beleña-Mateo and Joaquín Mateu-Mollá. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 410-420

Parental Involvement in Homework During Covid-19 Confinement

Natalia Suárez, Estrella Fernández, Bibiana Regueiro, Pedro Rosário, Jianzhong Xu and José Carlos Núñez. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 421-428
Grade Retention, Academic Performance and Motivational Variables in Compulsory Secondary Education: A Longitudinal Study
Daniel Rodríguez-Rodríguez. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 429-436

Parental Attachment and Satisfaction With Social Life: The Mediating Role of Gelotophobia

Gonzalo Del Moral, Carla Canestrari, Morena Muzi, Cristian Suárez-Relinque, Angelo Carrieri and Alessandra Fermani. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 437-445


Intracranial Self-Stimulation and Memory in Rats: A Sistematic Review
Ignacio Morgado-Bernal and Pilar Segura-Torres. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 446-453

Validation of the Shortened Version of the Metacognitive Awareness Inventory in Spanish University Students

Eduardo González-Cabañes, Trinidad García, David Álvarez-García, Estrella Fernández and Celestino Rodríguez. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 454-462

The Spanish Posttraumatic Growth Inventory - Short Form in Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Laura Sicilia-Matas, Maite Barrios-Cerrejón and Noemí Pereda-Beltrán. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 463-470

The External Validity of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Versus Inattention in Behavioral, Social Interaction, and Academic Performance Measures

Inmaculada Moreno-García, Mateu Servera, Manuel Morales-Ortiz, Almudena Cano-Crespo and Belén Sáez. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 471-478


Adaptation of the Multidimensional Body Self Relations Questionnaire for Young People Between 9 and 16 Years old
María Paula Fernández, Soraya Coballes, Belén San Pedro, David Martín, José Labra, Carmen González and Javier Herrero. Psicothema, 2022, Vol. 34, pág. 479-487
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